Saturday, November 05, 2005

Advertising for Dummies

While I was rummaging through the fridge for a tasty beverage (AKA Mountain Dew), I happened to glance at the packaging of the huge 36 pack of Dew (Recognize). The outside of the box proudly announced "36: 50% more than a 24 pack". It seems to me that someone who couldn't instantly do that calculation in their head is unlikely to know what a percentage even is, and that's if they can read the box. I imagine the epiphany going something like this:

Extreme Dew Drinker #1: Wow! a 36 pack! That's like 48.7% more than a 24 pack!
Extreme Dew Drinker #2: Booyah! lets get one - Wait a sec, it says its 50% more than a 24 pack!
Extreme Dew Drinker #1: But- but how!? (reeling and lightheaded) But that would mean- (pulls out calculator)....Most righteous! It IS 50% more!!
Extreme Dew Drinker #2: In that case, I'll take two!

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