Sunday, November 20, 2005

Watch and Learn

If you watch enough tv, you will eventually see one of those lame commercials trying to get kids not to use drugs. The problem is, they do it in the most gay and ineffective way possible: By trying to convince them that not using drugs is cool. Now, obviously any kid stupid enough to obey the promptings of a cheesy 30 second tv commercial is easily swayed, to say the least. It is thus natural to assume that anyone who can be convinced that easily that anything is cool/uncool will soon permanently embarrass themselves and their family by dying doing something ridiculous. I watch videos of these types of kids dying all the time. It's one of life's simple pleasures.

The best way to learn to avoid drugs is for other people to get their shit ruined. And then watch it. Repeatedly. In slow motion. And even if that doesn't convince anybody, it's still fun.

Skateboard: 100 $

Double-digit IQ: 9 months worth of beer for mom - 500 $

Finding tall staircase, wall, or crevasse: 2 hours that could be spent working at Mcd's - Opportunity cost of 12 $

Just enough drugs to make stupid people even more stupid: 50 $

Fatality: Priceless

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- Eric

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