Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Las Vegas Adventures #7 - The people of Vons

Vons is a local grocery store that has been the location of a few ....interesting...encounters.

This is the latest:

A woman checking out in front of me is trying to figure out some sort of digital coupon, and a crusty old hag behind me is getting increasing grumpy and muttering under her breath about how ridiculous she finds it that she has to wait an extra 2 or 3 minutes. When the lady in front of me is leaving, the following conversation takes place:

HAG: *to cashier* "You really should have a separate line for people with coupons!"

ME: "Get ready, I have a bunch too" *I brandish my fat stack of coupons with a flawless spring flourish - see fig. 1)*

Fig. 1

HAG: "Ugh! They really should have a separate line to accomodate...**unintelligible harumph-ing**"

ME: "Don't act like you have anything better to do"

HAG: "I...I DO!"

ME: "You wouldn't be here if you did"

HAG: **stares haggedly**

Thus ended my latest Von's encounter.