Thursday, October 27, 2005

Walk it off

So you want to exercise? Do something to get the ol' heart rate up? Well you can swim, bike, run, kickbox, stair-climb, jumprope, or.....


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Thats right folks. Some people are so fat and out of shape that even the slowest possible method of moving yourself feels like a workout. You would think that these fat bastards walk to the fridge so much that if walking actually helped they would have it covered. When you point out how miserably lame walking is, they whine "yeah but I like walking, its easier." !? Of course its easier! It's just walking! There's almost nothing easier! The point of exercise is to do something slightly difficult so you get better. Do these people carry around oxygen tanks for when they have to do things slightly more strenuous, like fold laundry or open a book? What are these weaklings going to do if they ever have to run away from anything? The way they move the only thing they could escape from would be a distracted sloth. When I see somebody walking for exercise, I burn more calories laughing at them than they burn walking. ( And I sure as hell save a lot more time)

Laughing - 40 calories
Walking - 26 calories

This makes walking for exercise, offically WEAK SAUCE.

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