Monday, October 10, 2005

Gayer Than Gandalf

Are you a twenty-something college student whose repressed homosexuality has left you feeling depressed? Tired of everybody not knowing the real you? Well, there's a sure-fire way to come out of that closet. Move from the back-alley gay prositutes and AIDS scares to popular mainstream homosexuality in one easy step: Admit how much you like Harry Potter.

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Seriously people. Little boys? Wizards? Dwarfs? Sounds like a recipe for an upsetting porno. Has everybody gotten that bad? I mean, I can't expect everybody to be as awesome as me but really, this is just shameful. College students shouldn't be into the same movies as their 9 year old siblings. The problem is that they read at the same level. And along comes a book for the 4th grade reading level that is (somehow) socially acceptable reading for 21 year old people, and isn't just pictures of triangles and squares. For those of you who feel that loving Harry Potter isn't doing enough to prove just how much of a gaymo you are, grab your sippy cups and your footy pajamas because gay and lesbian pride week is just around the corner.



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