Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Breaking News - Woman unhappy

Katie Couric recently stated that sexism in America is more common than racism,and that she and Hillary Clinton are both victims. Feelings about the statement were mixed, and responses from fellow news anchors and others present included:

"Shutup and fix me a sammich."
- Co-anchor

"If you like Hillary so much why don't you marry her?"
- Camera Guy

"Tits or GTFO"
- Also the Camera guy

"Bitches be crazy."
- An observant man present at the scene

" (murmur of approval)"
- All other men present

"You're right Mrs Couric."
- Some broad

"No, racism is worse."
- Some black guy

"Sucks to be me either way."
- Some black broad

"Seriously, where's my sammich? "
- Co-anchor

-Double E


April said...

lololol!! great post

RBV said...

Hey if she's a victim, sign me up. I want to make $15 mil a year!